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Enter the WineBusiness Monthly PACK Design Awards

We are now accepting entries to WineBusiness Monthly’s annual PACK Design Awards. In 2024, you will not be required to ship a physical sample of your bottle — instead, you will be asked to provide specific details about your packaging, which will enable our partner Outshinery to create a flawless bottle shot of your product. Outshinery’s work is included as part of your entry fee and you'll be able to retain the bottle shot to use as you wish.

To enter, complete the form below. After submitting the form, you will receive an email that has a link to Outshinery’s platform, which is 100% online and will help you create a perfect image of your package. Here you will complete a short questionnaire and upload your label to create a bottle shot that beautifully and accurately represents your packaging.

Enter up to six different categories including Classic Format, Luxury Package, Best Package Series Design, Package Redesign, Single-Serve and Non-Glass Format.

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Questions? Get more info here or call us at 707-940-3920

If your design requires additional photos/videos to fully showcase essential design elements contact erin@winebusiness.com.


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You will be emailed a link to Outshinery.com for your professional image creation. There you will answer submit the information necessary to create an image of your packaging. Prepare to have label art assets, all packaging specifications, and any additional custom art assets for your package.

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